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The Purpose of Your Logo - It's Not What You Think It Is!

So, let's just make it super clear from the start that logos are not meant to communicate or describe what a business does. Your business name, your tagline, your website copy - all of that can say what you do, but your logo doesn't have to and maybe even shouldn't. 

So what the heck should your logo do then? In a nutshell, your logo should visually represent your brand in a way that gets people to connect with and remember it. And, it should distinguish your business from other businesses. 

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My 5-Step Logo Design Process

It's crucial to get a sense of the person behind the brand/business, the brand vision, mission and values, the target audience, and any brand story that might exist. This is probably the most important part of the research phase. I’m designing something that is supposed to represent the essence of my client’s brand, so it’s pretty important that I get a good handle on it!

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