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The Purpose of Your Logo - It's Not What You Think It Is!

So, let's just make it super clear from the start that logos are not meant to communicate or describe what a business does. Your business name, your tagline, your website copy - all of that can say what you do, but your logo doesn't have to and maybe even shouldn't. 

So what the heck should your logo do then? In a nutshell, your logo should visually represent your brand in a way that gets people to connect with and remember it. And, it should distinguish your business from other businesses. 

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6 Crucial Steps for Website Success

Planning the structure and content of your site in advance will do wonders for keeping your website project on budget and on schedule. Realizing half way through the process that you need additional pages or that the flow of the site needs to be changed up or even that content has to be rewritten adds to the work your designer needs to do, which adds to the cost of the site and the time it requires to complete. So, take my advice and sit down and take these actionable steps before you hire that snazzy designer (note: you can also hire a strategist to help you do this), so when she gives you her questionnaire or planner or whatever she uses, you’re all set to go.

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Your Brand Colors are Talking - Do You Know What They're Saying?

We CAN generalize to some degree about the symbolism and meaning attached to various colors, but we should do so with the knowledge that nothing is written in stone or guaranteed. Read on for an overview of various colors and what they are GENERALLY interpreted to mean and what reactions they are likely to evoke. 

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3 Simple Steps to Kickstart Your Brand

Before you can get into the nitty gritty of how to present your business to the world visually, you’ve got to nail down what exactly your brand is. If you remember from my Brand & Brand Identity post, your brand is who exactly your are, what you stand for, what’s different about you and your business, and what people can expect when they interact with your business. Check out the full post for more information and branding term definitions.

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