Hello kick-ass coach!  

I know how much you've invested in your business. And you bust your butt for your clients, honing your skills, creating packages that work, and changing lives. You, my friend, deserve a killer site that works just as hard for you!

Instead you've got a sad, slacker site that's doing pretty much nothing - nothing good anyway.

That DIY website you did a while back does not communicate how badass you are. In fact, 

  • you cringe when someone asks you what your web address is,

  • your analytics are telling you that people aren't sticking around long enough to even find out who you are,

  • you're wasting endless hours that could be spent on more profitable tasks trying to whip the damn thing into shape. And it's not working.

It's time to hire an experienced professional (THAT'S ME!) to design a whole new website for you that communicates just how badass you and your business are. No more putting lipstick on a pig and no more wrestling with your website into the wee hours of the night.

"Why?" you ask? Because you don't have time for screwing around anymore, and your energy is better spent developing content for that course that's going to double your income overnight or refining your packages to be more effective. 


ROCK YOUR SITE is a 4-week package that leaves you with a gorgeous website that grabs your ideal clients' attentions, gets them interested in who you are and motivates them to take action.  


  • attract pre-qualified clients who are excited to work with you,

  • have more time to focus on the things you do best,

  • have a website that reflects who you are at your very core and motivates people to jump on your offers, sign up for your courses, and book your packages.

  • have extra time to spend with your friends and family, doing the things that feed your soul! 



Kimi goes above and beyond – exceeding expectations time and time again. I recommend her to friends and colleagues all the time! I love working with her.

-Rachel Hadley, Manifest Communications


I've got 3 spots available. Grab 'em before they're gone.  


$2,500 INVESTMENT INCLUDES (payment plan available)

  • SELECTION OF A SQUARESPACE TEMPLATE to best meet your needs

  • SITE SETUP including basic SEO

  • WORKBOOK that walks you through determining your site and page goals along with gathering and/or developing your site content

  • 60-MINUTE ON-SCREEN CALL to discuss your specific site needs and goals

  • 5 PAGES PLUS BLOG, all customized

  • CUSTOM POP-UP so you can start building your email list

  • EMAIL INTEGRATION so your signups go straight to your email provider

  • 1-HOUR SQUARESPACE TUTORIAL so you know your way around and can make edits yourself

  • 2 WEEKS TECH SUPPORT as you learn the ropes and questions arise


I've got 3 spots available. Get 'em while they're hot!



  • Contact me here or via one of the buttons on this page.

  • Get an email within 24 hours with a link to set up a discovery call.

  • Chat over Skype to talk about your business and design needs.

  • Once we confirm the details of your project, you get an invoice for a $750 deposit along with another link to book yourself into the next available spot in my schedule.

  • Once you're booked in, you get a welcome packet outlining the project timeline and process, along with client homework to finish by your project start date.

  • As your project start date gets closer, I check in to see how your homework is coming.

  • You also get an email with a link to schedule our project kick-off meeting.


What if I can't finish my client homework before my project start date?

I develop project timelines so we can launch your new site within the project time frame. That means we both have to stick to the plan. Missing a deadline (by not providing materials or feedback on time) adds time to the project, unless you can make it up later in the process by cutting your feedback time or removing an editing round.

What if I'm not happy with the designs provided?

I work hard for my clients and want them to be super psyched with what I create for them. So far, I've had a 100% success rate. If, for some reason, you aren't happy with my work after the 2nd round of feedback, you can cancel your contract. 

What if I need additional items designed?

More work is great! I'm happy to design additional pieces that weren't included in the original project scope. Once you tell me what you need, in detail, I'll give you an estimate covering the fee and deliverables. 

Why Squarespace?

I think Squarespace is the best option for solopreneurs who usually want to maintain their own sites once the initial design is finished. Here's why: 

  1. The quality of their templates is excellent. Yes, you give up some of the customization you have with Wordpress, but you'd be amazed how far a little coding can go to make your site uniquely yours. 
  2. You'll be fully supported as long as you have your site. Squarespace support is available 24/7 and consists of a huge library of articles, workshops, videos, community forums and 1-hour email support, and live-chat support.
  3. It's user friendly. Squarespace was created specifically with non-coders in mind, so it's much easier and intuitive to learn than Wordpress, for instance.
  4. Your site gets updated automatically on a regular basis - you don't have to do anything. 
  5. It's cost effective. 
  6. Squarespace has worked hard to get their SEO up to speed. Your site will be optimized for SEO when you sign up, and a sitemap is already created when you start. Sitemaps help Google crawl your site and get a sense of what it's about to classify the content and help search engines find you, which is hugely important!

I'M KIMI MISCHKE (pronounced Mish-Key)


I've been designing logos and print/web materials for businesses and organizations that get them where they want to be for over 8 years. The materials I design tell my clients' stories clearly, concisely and honestly, so they can better attract customers and reach their goals. I work with one client at a time, so my process is organized, clear and focused, and you can be on your way with a drool-worthy website that attracts clients like flies to honey in just 4 weeks!