The #1 Thing You Need for Your Client-Attracting Website


This past week, I’ve been talking about the various elements and strategies that go into creating a client-attracting website. I’ve covered the importance of your overall design, copy, imagery, SEO, navigation, calls-to-action, social media strategy and how these things help create a website that converts the traffic you drive to it into clients. 

All of those things are really important, but there’s something else that I’ve touched on that’s incredibly important to creating a website that attracts ideal prospects and turns them into clients. Forgetting about this one piece and not putting it at the forefront of your website is a mistake that can cost you clients, and money. 

And that one incredibly important thing is .... wait for it.

It’s YOU. 

YOU are what makes your business unique and special. YOU are what makes your business different from all the other coaches who have businesses and programs that might be similar to yours. And that’s why your presence, your personality, your quirks, your story, and everything that makes you who you are need to be infused into your website. 

When someone comes to your site they should know exactly what kind of person they’re dealing with right away. Everything from your photos to your typography to your word choices need to have YOU written all over them. Each element of your site needs to say something about who you are and what you stand for.

Copy That Sounds Like You

When you’re writing your copy, you’ve got to write the way you actually speak. Use the phrases you typically use.. Swear if you’re comfortable with that. 

Writing like you speak gets easier the more you do it, but it can be challenging at first, especially if you’re coming from a corporate background. I constantly have to go back and edit my copy, because I slip into “professional” speak really easily. 

You can start by making a list of phrases and words you use a lot. Use them throughout your copy. And edit ruthlessly. Once you've written your first draft, go back through and swap out any words you wouldn't normally use. Get rid of the overly formal language if you don't use it when talking. I, for instance, initially used "verbiage" instead of language. I do sometimes use that word, but it still felt too academic to me, so I swapped it out. It takes constant editing to get this right!

Imagery & Layout That Reflect Your Personality

This is also why photos of yourself are so important to have on your site. In addition to the fact that people love to look at faces, they also get a much better sense of who you are when they can see what you look like, what settings you’re in, what you wear and how you hold yourself. 

Any additional graphics, along with the actual layout of your pages, should also reflect who you are. 

If your vibe is sporty, your imagery and colors should be energetic, clean, fresh and fun. You might want to include icons that are crisp and colorful. If you embody badassery, you want bold, edgy graphics that say, “Don’t fuck with me.” Embracing your femininity? Let’s use soft colors, rounded shapes, floral imagery, and maybe even a pattern. Systems, structure and strategy your thing? Keep it clean and orderly, organized and functional, but not boring! Never boring!

Typography That Supports Your Style

And then there’s your typography. Typography, the often overlooked, but incredibly important, part of graphic design, is one of my favorite things in the world! 

Font selection alone can make or break a site. It’s important simply from a readability perspective, but it also has a huge impact on your overall messaging. 

Want to emphasize your casual and fun approach? Use a san-serif in all lower case and a fun color for your headlines. Keeping it formal? Stick to all caps for your headlines and put some letterspacing in to air things out. Pushing the edge? Try adding a slightly grunged up font to the mix. There’s so much you can say with typography alone! (Can you tell how much I love this shit?)

Benefits of a You-Infused Site

When your site really and truly says who you are, your message will resonate louder with people. They’ll be drawn in by your personality and unique style rather than simply focusing on the structure and cost of your packages. You’ll connect on a deeper level with your site’s visitors, and that will help to convert them into adoring fans and clients!

And in case you can’t tell already, this is what I truly love about designing websites for my clients. This is my superpower - taking who you are at your core and translating it into web design that gets that across loudly and clearly to people. 

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