Monique Vidal needed to modernize the look and feel of her interior design business's branding and came to me to help her do that. She has been in business in the Roaring Fork Valley for 17 years and has 2 employees. Her target audience is primarily second home owners and empty-nesters with high-end tastes. They care about acquiring beautiful and functional interior design at the best value possible. They generally learn of Monique's services by word of mouth from realtors, contractors, architects, past clients and friends. 

Visually, Monique wanted her new identity to reflect her professionalism, creativity and collaborative process. Her aesthetic tended to be clean and classic. She also expressed that she is very earthy and cares deeply about the natural world. It was important to her to work that into her identity in some way. She also expressed that she has a great fondness for both arrows and feathers. 

As I developed ideas for Monique's new logo and brand identity, I focused on her name and initials as well as the feather image. Aside from the logo option she selected, I presented a number of additional options that are shown at the bottom of this page. 

I developed the pattern design that is included in her final brand identity fairly early on in the process, and we both fell in love with it. Thus, when it came to selecting the final logo idea, it was important that it would work with that pattern. We both agreed that simple was best and decided that the logo option below would work best. We agreed that it's simplicity communicated her professionalism while the pattern and colors brought in the nature element that was so important to her.