When Jen Pestikas first came to me, she was looking for a brand for her online life coaching business. She wanted a brand identity that would truly reflect who she is and the services she offers. 

The mission of How Winning is Done is to help professional women discover their personal super powers so they can win in all areas of their lives. As a recovering perfectionist herself, Jen wants to help high-achieving women confront the facades they present to the world, so they can be more compassionate with themselves and fully embrace life, imperfections and all. Jen's brand values include compassion, imperfection, truth, joy, surrender and leadership.

Prior to coming to me, Jen had been color typed and came out clearly a black with a pop of color. She also loves fuchsia and magenta, so it made sense to include a bright pink in her branding. I adapted the black, however, to a dark charcoal grey to soften it a bit. 


The mood board I developed is colorful, inspiring and energetic with an emphasis on imperfect shapes and strong typography. 




I loved the idea of imperfect shapes and incorporated them, along with handwriting into a number of the logo ideas I presented. My reasoning was to really reflect that idea of imperfection through the handwriting and imperfect shapes, as well as through the color fills that are slightly off in the first option.



In the end, Jen selected the most simple option with a handwritten "W" that is included in the brand board. I ended up moving the imperfect shapes into a couple of the patterns I also developed for her. I selected Montserrat, a strong and simple san serif font that will be used for headers, along with a slightly more traditional serif font, Aleo, to complement Montserrat and perform as body copy.


In the end, we didn't use the patterns I developed for Jen, so I removed them from the brand board and replaced them with the skewed shape I in her blog header and in her social media profiles. Her Brand Board includes the alternate logo I created for more vertical spaces as well as the submark we used in places like the footer of her website and in her social sharing logo. 


Jen and I both were thrilled with how her brand and collateral turned out. She was such a pleasure to work with, and I know her coaching business will be a huge success!