This project came to me through Denver-based Stratecute Marketing. The creative brief specified that the goal was to design a new label that appeals to the target audience through font and color and clearly reflects the delightful experience that drinking this lightly sweet and sparkly wine offers. While Ca del Re translates to “House of King,” it was important to remove the crown motif, as it presented a trademark issue for the company. The target audience was characterized as White and African American women, ages 21 – 25 and 45+. Typically, Moscato drinkers are not terribly educated about wine. They have an overall sweet palette, love dessert, along with cute and kitschy type items. They tend to be price conscious. They requested a color palette centered around a light blue. The client suggested incorporating a poppy somehow, as they are common to the Piedmont Region of Italy, where the wine is made. I designed a total of four labels for presentation that included two additional concepts: one based on the style of Italian tiles and one largely based on playful shapes, colors and typography.

CDR_wine label.jpg
CDR_wine label3.jpg
CDR_wine label4.jpg
CDR_wine label2.jpg