The Basalt Education Foundation initially asked for a complete rebrand. Once we completed that project, they asked us to begin working on their signature annual event: The Taste of Basalt, which is one of the town’s most-anticipated social events of the year. The organizers asked that the new look not only reflect the lively, festive nature of the event, but they also wanted it to work well with their new logo and identity and make very clear that BEF organizes the event. They also asked that we try to incorporate (abstractly) the confluence of the two rivers for which Basalt is known. After exploring a number of different options, we landed on a striking compilation of a moon, a martini glass and a fork and spoon crossing each other to hint at the two rivers. We chose to use BEF’s purple and green rather than introducing new colors and successfully adapted the look to the various elements that were required, including full-page ads that featured a slew of sponsor logos and lists and required a simplification of the design to work.

Prior to this project, we completed an organizational rebrand that included a new logo, stationery, enewsletter header and website elements.

work completed in partnership with Margaret Mathers and Sharon Newsom at ithree graphic design