After moving from a cramped retail space in downtown Basalt to a newly-built, spacious, and well-organized store in the up-and-coming Willits development, Basalt Bike & Ski needed a website that better reflected the positive shopping experience it offered. With that goal in mind, I designed a responsive website with clearly delineated spaces and significant white space to communicate the more open feeling of the store itself.

New signage that reinforced this look and built on the industrial feel of the logo was also required. The team wanted us to utilize as much horizontal space above the door as possible for the outdoor sign, but we also had to adhere to size limitations that made simply enlarging the logo not an option. Instead, we chose to create a horizontal bar with the logo placed off-center to pull the viewer in and communicate the more modern and sophisticated inside area. The industrial elements of the logo were reflected in the steel used for the sign as well as in the artwork on the price list signs inside the store.

I have been working with Basalt Bike & Ski since its inception in 2006. The logo was designed in collaboration with Margaret Mathers while working at words pictures colours graphic design. All other pieces were designed with feedback from Margaret Mathers and Sharon Newsom at ithree graphic design.