Hi there, I'm kimi

I'm a mompreneur, cyclist, skier with a massive passion for graphic design. There are few things that'll get me off my bike or skis and inside an office, and creating honest and brave visual brands for motivated do-gooders like you is at the top of the list!

My career in design began 13 years ago at a brilliant little stationery company called iota. Four years later, I moved on and opened a design studio with two partners. For almost eight years, I worked on countless branding and rebranding projects for all sorts of clients, from construction firms to cafés, bike shops to non-profit organizations. In 2016, I went solo and took my business online. And now, I'm using the skills and knowledge I've squirreled away in my brain to help other online business owners who are ready to show up and stand out in a sea of sameness!


happy client comment


Kimi is a great listener, has a skilled eye for design and is extremely patient. Kimi took the time to get to know me and what I was looking to achieve in my business. She then translated my vision into something truly beautiful. Kimi is much more than a designer – she is a branding expert. If you’re looking for a partner to get your coaching business visually off the ground, call her immediately!

-Jen Pestikas, How Winning Is Done


the down low

Here's what you need to know about me -

I show up. I get shit done. I am honest almost to a fault. I am not always perfectly primped and pretty. I've had a grey streak in my hair since I was in my twenties, and I can't bring myself to dye it, even though it's starting to take over my whole head. Living with joy, courage and kindness are hugely important to me. I love graphic design, but I love my family more. Outside is my happy place, but reading a good book on the couch is nice, too. I give a shit about people and the planet. I'm a recovering perfectionist. I believe that life is too short for any of us to spend it doing things that don't feed our souls. 



place of birth

Okinawa, Japan

# years lived overseas

17 total in Germany, Japan & Morocco


married & MOT (mother of twins) 

favorite activities

skiing, skinning, cycling, hiking, reading, being with family

fuel of

green tea, spinach, bacon & dark chocolate

claim to

to this day, I am known as the logistics coordinator at the Colorado Outward Bound School who's truck was stolen while she was sleeping next to it